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Today there are more choices than ever when it comes to selecting paternal genetics for your herd.  But at the end of the day, what matters most is the bottom line.

We are very excited to introduce to you, AKAUSHI (Japanese Red), a breed of cattle valued for its health benefits and high quality beef. Although this breed is new to the American Cattle Producer, its genetics can be traced back 200 years in Japan.  The Texas herd started in 1994, and has grown to over 5,000 head, all of which are direct descendants of the original foundation herd.

            We are pleased to start an offering of semen and herd sires to producers.  As you review the available pedigrees you will notice very little difference between genetic lines. This consistency and predictability is due to the extreme genetic selection pressure these cattle have been subjected to over the centuries.   Because of this pressure, the Akaushi breed is extremely uniform and consistent throughout its genetic lines for all traits.  There have been no “trade-outs” or “sacrifices” to develop this superior breed. These genetics may be the final ingredient to create an animal that will perform efficiently, improve consistency, maintain uniformity and maximize profit.  Akaushi … what the beef industry has been asking for.  “Good doing” cattle that will perform at the ranch, the feedlot, and on the rail.  Now, more than ever, you have options that will increase your market share.   

            The American Akaushi Association will play an active role in the distribution, marketing and growth of the breed. Through its participation and by creating a distinctively different business model from the start, our goal is to preserve the value to cattlemen such as you, and therefore create a heightened demand which will drive improved profits for all production segments.  As an owner of Akaushi influenced cattle and a member of the association, you will realize these market benefits.       

            We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you in selecting semen or purchasing bulls.

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